Hello everybody to Silke Kleemann’s website! I offer Jikiden Reiki® seminars and sessions and Hakomi sessions, a body oriented psychotherapy based on mindfulness. I teach Reiki in the lineage of Tadao Yamaguchi from Kyoto, Japan. Since 2006 I am a Shihan (teacher) of his Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (institute), and since 2016 I also have the permission to teach Shihankaku seminars (assistant teachers) as a Daishihan. I work in Munich and in other parts of the world – feel free to contact me, my working languages are German, Spanish and English.

I also organize InEssenz seminars (autoexperience based on martial arts, dance, singing, contact) for Thomas Merkentrop. All dates are on the page „Seminartermine“, for more information in English you can contact me via email or phone.